Having already complained to's Justin once about how damn many 'video game journalism sucks/how we will SAVE it' variant articles GameDaily have been running recently, I was ranting at work yesterday about Chris Buffa's latest, which I won't do the honor of linking to directly.

Of course, it's dressed up as a 'game journalism improvement manual', fortunately addressed not just to journalists, but to the whole damn world. However, QT3's TomChick has saved me the trouble of complaining vocally about it by doing so himself, huzzah!

Mr. Chick takes Buffa to task for his complaints on Entertainment Weekly's movie reviews, which I also enjoy for their, well, poise: "I've always appreciated how EW's reviews aren't nearly as low- to middle-brow as the rest of their content. Lisa Schwarzbaum and Owen Glieberman aren't just good reviewers, they're good writers. The paragraph from the Lady in the Water review is an example of context, something I'd love to see in more videogame reviews."

TomChick ends: "Context, Mr. Buffa, is one of the hallmarks of critical analysis. Is it any surprise that this fact is lost on Chris Buffa, who's taken it upon himself not only to tell us game writers how to write by parroting what he read in a Stephen King book, but also to teach us basic social skills about how PR chicks might flirt with us, but it doesn't mean we can grab their boobs?" Yes, this latter point really is what this article says - there's also a QT3 thread with some agreeable bitching in it..

[My other favorite bit from Buffa's GameDaily article itself: "I'm also a huge fan of shocking people... You'll wind up getting lots of positive and negative attention, which means that more people will be reading your stuff." Perhaps you might also consider taking your clothes off on a webcam? Or taking a major game industry figure hostage? Argh, the Fox News-ization of journalism continues.]