Our favorite import store NCSX has a mammoth pictorial on the Tomy/Takara 'Pocket Dream' handheld this week, notably because they're not even stocking it due to the price (6900 yen plus mark-up would probably make it $85+?) - but it looks _really_ interesting to gamegeeks such as ourselves.

It's explained: "Tomy and Takara released a handheld gaming system on August 3 called the Pocket Dream Console. Basically a closed system with 30 built-in games and an AV port for output to television, the PDC is about the size of a Gameboy Micro. The unit runs on three AAA batteries with a 15-hour play time. The PDC also features a 2" backlit TFT screen."

The every-anonymous NCS writer notes: "After fiddling around with the games for an hour or so, NCS consensus: Decent collection but some of the games are unabashed copies while others would fit in some public domain game CD. There's a Loderunner clone with penguins and a near 1:1 copy of Taito's Puzzloop." Looks like there are some Arkanoid, Sokoban, and Bomberman clones in there too, and something where you have to "Guide a robotic horse around and eat fruit while avoiding enemies", and a Nintendogs clone, etc, etc, ad inifinitum. High japery!