Now, we don't always reference sister site Gamasutra here, partly because we presume that you already read it (plug!), but yesterday's feature is totally worth mentioning - a postmortem of Wideload's Stubbs The Zombie from Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian.

The piece was originally printed in the January 2006 issue of Game Developer magazine, and Seropian notes: "To be an independent developer in the current climate of publisher consolidation and rising costs seemed impossible, but somehow Wideload was created. I challenged myself to create a company with a set of commandments essential to my personal and professional happiness."

They are: "First Commandment: We shall establish our game’s creative direction... Second commandment: We shall own our intellectual property... Third commandment: We shall not let a third party determine our success, such as the publisher who’s doing (or not doing) the marketing, or the funding source (likely a publisher) making demands that are not in-line with our goals... Fourth Commandment: We shall have a small manageable team. We don’t want 50 employees making one game over three years in house (we want low overhead), and we don’t want to suffer the churn of ramping up and down for projects." Lots, lots more neatness if you click through.