Yes, yes, we've been following The New Gamer's 'Drunksaling' garage sale pictorials for a while now, but in the latest, they actually found some Xbox and PlayStation 2 games, a rarity in a world (in a woorrrrld!) where crappy FMV PC titles are much more the norm.

G. Turner drools: "Delicious modern games. There was a portly fellow eyeing them right in front of me, but just as he opened his mouth to ask the proprietor how much they were, I jumped right in and beat him to the punch! They were certainly worth the two bucks he was asking." I bet that portly fellow reads GameSetWatch. Or maybe just Fark.

Other highlights include some ancient handhelds, disturbing old books, overpriced strategy guides, and pretty much anything else you would expect to find when poking around weird-smelling old places. Worth noting: "Time for our local Village thrift store! Yes, these are the folks who scream & shout whenever I photograph anything in their store, which is why this copy of Space Quest 4 was photo'ed in the car." We love the Roger Wilco paparazzi!