All kinds of madness has invaded our minds on this fair Monday, although our main concern in live is whether there's going to be an Xbox Live Arcade game released this Wednesday - yes, we've seen the list, but is it actually true?

Meanwhile, there's this:

- We forgot about Segagaga Domain for a while, but in checking out this retro Sega paradise again, we note all kinds of fun scans and updates - or at least, fun if you want to find out about the Japanese DC version of NFL 2K1, for which "Sega released this and NBA2K1 in a special pack containing a in-depth rule book". Oh, and the Retro Core web video show is good stuff, too.

- We Make Money Not Art has more information on the 'SIMVeillance' art project at San Jose's ZeroOne Festival: "SIMVeillance: San Jose, by Katherine Isbister and Rainey Straus in collaboration with SIM consultant Chelsea Hash, uses surveillance cameras and the video game The Sims 2 to re-present passersby within a game environment that mirrors a "real life" public space: the Fairmont Plaza in downtown San Jose." GDC attendees will know the area well!

- The2Bears has a write-up on an awesome-looking new PC dojin shmup, as follows: "ourtesy of Danmaku Gata comes the news today of a new release by Hikoza’n-CHI X. Hikoza, developer of Warning Forever and Shooter’s Solitude, now gives us the mouse driven game Ray-Hound, coinciding with Comiket." Must get!

- Alice's Wonderland Blog has info on 3D printed World Of Warcraft avatars - this is a claimed feature for Spore, too, right? Alice moons happily: "Won't it be fantastic when you can print out and collect avatars as souvenirs of your gaming experience? I'd love to have a shelf load of avatars - Quake marine alice, Star Wars Galaxies alice, WoW alice(s), Second Life alice, Halo alice ... talk about memories ..."

- The 'From Sun Tzu to Xbox' war and games blog has some enchantingly jingoistic America's Army fan wallpapers posted - we like the one that says 'America's Army - Bad Boys - Together We Stand, An Army Of One', but you may also enjoy the one that looks like a GoldenEye loading screen. Any way up, they're there, and they exist, so there.

- Dean Takahashi at the Merc News got his 9-year-old daughter to review Loco Roco, as follows: "This game is for younger kids such as five- or six-year-olds. Older kids might not like it. The music is for two- or three-year-olds. It gets annoying with the baby singing. If you beat the level, you get a prize. I haven't beaten the whole level yet so I don't know what the prize is. I'd give this game a one out of four star rating." Youch - apparently Japan is similarly dismissive, though my money is on it doing reasonably well in the States.

- UK Resistance is making fun of IGN's UK operations announcement news post, and rightly so. Cmdr Zorg, attempting to whittle away the few friends he still has in the biz, insists: "It makes Gamesradar look good", also, haw. As someone who appears to be British and also appears to live in America, I concur - either you do properly separate European sites and MAKE SOME EFFORT (yay, Eurogamer!), or you go home.

Enough of this dodgy semi-integration of UK and US editorial, which makes almost no sense given the worldwide nature of most games, and is just to have a reason to redirect all European traffic to new ad servers so you can sell them to UK publishers. [But I guess IGN UK could 'rock the bells', having said that, tragic opening announcements notwithstanding. I'm just opposed because the reasoning behind opening it is Machiavellian, rather than editorially-led.]

- We've just mentioned this over at Gamasutra too, but GameSpot have spotted a new EA compilation for PSP that compiles a bunch of SNES and Genesis EA titles, as follows: "B.O.B.--1993--SNES and Genesis; Budokan--1990--Genesis
Desert Strike--1993--SNES and Genesis; Jungle Strike--1993--SNES and Genesis; Haunting Starring; Polterguy--1993--Genesis; Mutant League Football--1993--Genesis; Road Rash--1992--Genesis, later on 3DO; Road Rash II--1993--Genesis; Road Rash III--1995--Genesis; Syndicate--1995--SNES, 3DO, Jaguar; Ultima: The Black Gate--1994--SNES; Virtual Pinball--1993--Genesis; Wing Commander--1993--SNES; Wing Commander: The Secret Missions--1993--SNES." A pretty odd lot, but presumably they're using a Genesis emulator for most of this, and hey, beats a kick in the teeth, huh?