Over at Kotaku, Wagner James Au has a fun write-up from last weekend's Second Life Community Convention, in which he imparts the amazing news that somebody in Second Life actually looks like their avatar.

He notes: "The first time I met Nethermind Bliss, she was a woman with fire engine red hair, WWI flying ace goggles, and Wolverine wrist claws. The next time I met her was last weekend at the Second Life Community Convention in San Francisco, so this time, the meeting was in-person, and she was more or less the same, just flesh-based. (Though she still had the goggles and claws.)"

We also got Mark Wallace to cover Mitch Kapor's keynote over at Gamasutra, which was pretty interesting stuff - but what I find most fascinating right now is how Mathew Kumar's GSW column on Second Life is presenting a much more unvarnished view of the world from a newbie. Who is 'right'? Everyone!