Poking around GameSetInterview-er Alistair Wallis' Little Mathletics site, we found this amazing interview with Alex Prins-Stairs about 'saving' Sonic The Hedgehog (both the cartoon and the games) from 4Kids' voice actors - even pinning petitions to telegraph poles to make his point!

Here's some rhetoric in action from Prins-Stairs: "My main complaints are the 4Kids voices of Sonic, Cream, Vector, Rouge and Charmy as are in the opinions of others I have met as well. Sonic’s old voice actor Ryan Drummond gave Sonic personality and attitude. He made Sonic sound excited when needed and serious when needed as does his Japanese voice actor Junichi Kanemaru. While with Jason Griffith from 4Kids Entertainment, he hardly gives Sonic any emotion."

But wait, it gets worse: "With Cream the Rabbit, originally I was not able to tell the differences between her game voice actor Sarah Wulfeck and her 4Kids voice actress Rebecca Handler (known as “Rebecca Honig” when voicing Cream) until I played Sonic Battle... She makes Cream sound very high pitched and screechy making her very irritating and very hard to understand." I'm sure that Commander Zorg has something to say about this!