We at GSW are big fans of New York artist and Parappa co-creator Rodney Alan Greenblat - sister site Gamasutra did a pretty canonical interview with him last year about his work on the Parappa/Lammy games - and now we see he's emailed us with a new gallery show he's putting on.

Greenblat unfortunately seems like he won't be doing any more game work ("I basically decided to retire from games after the [Parappa Japanese animated] television show... For the past two years I've just been doing paintings and sculptures, redeveloping my art and ideas", he told Gama last year), and his recent exhibits have tended toward the abstract, with his new Arizona exhibition, "at Gallery Centella in Tucson Arizona, opening Friday September 15th", showcasing that further.

Further notes on the exhibit are as follows: "Rodney Alan Greenblat - "Universe" - September 15 - October 21 2006. Opening reception Friday September 15, 5-8pm. Gallery tour by the artist: Sunday September 17, 2-4pm." We especially like the 'Moon Robin' sculpture and the completely awesome 'Comet' ornament, but all of them are wonderful.

[Parappa fans jones-ing for a less abstract fix should go check out the limited-edition Um Jammer Lammy postcards, which are probably a bit cheaper than the original art.]