For me, at least, the singlemindedness in the face of obscurity of the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer blog makes it the best single-format game blog around - and now they've unearthed an interesting rarity, Riverhillsoft's Japan-only survival horror title 'Doctor Hauzer'.

Poking around elsewhere online, there's an ancient text-only review which explains it well: "Anyone playing Doctor Hauzer on the 3DO is likely to experience a distinct sense of deja vu. One of the first batch of japanese - developed 3DO games to be released in Japan, Dr Hauzer bear an uncanny resemblance to Alone In The Dark from Gallic developers Infogrammes - in fact, the similarities between the two games are so pronounced that Dr Hauzer could almost pass of as part of the Alone In The Dark series itself." (It's worth noting that there's no actual combat, though!)

We also found another handy review on a 3DO website, about the only other documentation on this 1994-era title - and 3DOkid sums things up nicely: "To call it “scary” would be a push, perhaps mildly creepy is better phrase but it does belong in the survival horror genre – just about. At the end-of-the-day Dr Hauzer is clearly another rung on the ladder that was ascending to Resident Evil and perhaps worth investigating for that alone."