We seem to be linking to Matt Barton's Armchair Arcade posts quite a lot recently - but hey, they're fun, and the latest is a massive overview of Her Interactive's Nancy Drew series, shining a light on some games that aren't really talked about by most video game sites, uhh, ever.

Barton notes: "First, a few admissions. I'm addicted to Her Interactive's Nancy Drew adventure game series, even though it's ostensibly intended for girls aged 10-15. I've played through every one of them up to the 13th game, Danger by Design, and intend to grab that one soon. The reasons why I like the game are simple: They're extremely well-designed, full of colorful characters and wit, and highly playable. They basically take everything that's fun about graphical adventure games and strip out the junk that makes most of them so frustrating."

Then there's a little 'girl gamers don't like pink!' ranting (though to be fair, one of GSW's female co-workers was salivating over the pink DS Lite yesterday), and a handy conclusion: "As far as acquiring these delightful games, I'd recommend starting with Dreamcatcher's 75th Anniversary Collection, which includes the first five games as well as a Nancy Drew novel." Though it's not quite the same game style, it's notable how the Mystery Case Files series is insanely popular as PC casual games, too - the whodunnit is back, baby.