We already know about EA's bizarre habit of getting famous pop/rockstars to sing in fictional Sims language Simlish, thanks to The Black-Eyed Peas and, more recently, a bizarre episode from Depeche Mode, turning 'Suffer Well' into well-intentioned gibberish.

This time, it's teen pop 'sensations' Aly & AJ (no, me neither!) who are doing it, and MTV News' Stephen Totilo, clearly a teenybopper himself, explains in the subhead: "Pop sisters already knew how to speak video game language before being approached for translated 'Chemicals React.'" Apparently, the Simlish version, which MTV News has a video excerpt from, is to promote "The Sims 2: Pets", which debuts in October.

Aly commented to Monsieur Totilo: '"AJ and I are huge 'Sims' fans. When we were asked to sing the song for the 'Pets' version, we were totally stoked." Their secret weapon? "We already knew how to speak Simlish."... The girls explained that carefully listening to the "Sims" games of old had put them in a good spot by the time EA approached them to sing in a non-native tongue. "They do speak it on the actual CD-ROM [of the game]," AJ said. "If you listen closely you can figure out, 'Oh, "chemicals" would be this.' OK, this is 'chobe and ashashnah.' " (The spellchecker is once again weeping.)" Yay!