One of my favorite blogs that normally has nothing to do with video games, vintage synth geekout zone Music Thing, has just updated with news of a Pong hack for the MPC1000 sampler, wow.

As the Wikipedia page for the MPC series explains: "Akai MPCs (originally MIDI Production Center, now Music Production Center) are a popular and well respected series of electronic musical instruments originally designed by Roger Linn and produced by the Japanese company Akai from 1988 onwards."

Apparently, some Japanese hackers, named 'Japanese Jenius', or JJ for short, have done this _alleged_ non-hoax: "The unofficial OS has given the MPC1000 most of the functions of the more expensive MPC2500, and more. JJ are planning to sell a finalised version for $35, which will - apparently - include this version of Pong..." Yay, Pong for tea, pong for everything!