Oo, look, we got email! - although it was actually sent to sister site Gamasutra, which crosslinked to GSW on this story, and that's close enough: "I'm Asterios Kokkinos, the co-creator of "Mario in Myspace" and I just wanted to thank you for covering our interview in SiliconEra the other week."

But wait, there's more from the self-described "McDonald's eating, car-payment-making LA comedians", as follows: "We're launching a new series of shorts today entitled, "The Legend of Zelda's Relationships" - here's a link to the YouTube site."

So we linked it, and 'lo, it was the protagonists of the extremely cheesy Zelda cartoon arguing about... oh, just go and watch it, we actually think it's funnier than most stuff that's posted on YouTube. And it doesn't have the Numa Numa Dance or related bands anywhere near it, which is more than can be said for youuuuu, Tetsuya Mizuguchi! Shame on you!