We don't much like linking to the lovely chaps at QT3, because they're nice private guys who don't like the entire Internet turning up at their door (though they let Sparky post, apparently!), but Gary Whitta gives us no choice, by linking to [NFSW for language!] pictures of Jeff Minter's XBLA title Space Giraffe, without revealing which of the Yak's 8 billion blogs/messageboards it came from.

As is explained: "Many of you will be familiar with Jeff Minter, author of such 8-bit classics as Gridrunner, Trip-a-Tron, Mama Llama, Hover Bovver, Iridis Alpha and Meta-Galactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time. And of course Tempest 2000 for the Atari Jaguar. Most recently he co-authored the Xbox 360 music visualizer. Well, he's just posted some screenshots from his latest game, Space Giraffe, due to be released on Xbox Live Arcade later this year."

And why, pray, do the screens have swearwords all over them? Commenter 'Naked' explains: "Yak (Jeff Minter) uses the foul language to prevent sites like IGN posting shots like this (essentially WIP/Tech Test images he posts on his blog/forum) as "exclusive shots of Jeff Minter's new game" when they're not exactly representative of everything he's going for. It happened on Unity, leading to a bunch of silliness, so now he throws in some NSFW language as a (tongue in cheek) safeguard." Also, the dummy score is Pi - v.clever.