Yay, it's the latest GameTunnel indie game round-up for August, and it's revealed: "This month's article looks at ten indie titles including the perhaps Katamari inspired freeware game The Blob, Kudos, from the same mind as last year's amazing Democracy, as well as DevastationZone Troopers, a 3rd person shooter that lets you redefine your landscape with your weapons."

Top marks go to DevastationZone Troopers, of which Seth Robinson comments: "This game has you running around shooting robots in generic looking levels. It plays like a gorgeous 3D Crimsonland. You collect cash to upgrade your weaponry and by the end you're a virtual tank clearing a swath of glowing death through not only the enemies, but walls and dirt as well. Anything that might slow down the action has been removed - you aren't damaged by explosions, you never get lost, and a good offense is always the best defense. It's simple. It's primal. It's fun."

Also doing well is Kudos, which we've mentioned here before - Brian Clair likes it just about the most, noting that it's "a nice indie-take on the success of the Sims-dominant life-simulation genre that’s become so popular. While not graphics heavy like the Maxis franchise, Kudos proves to be just as addictive without so much meaningless fluff thrown in."