, yes, those games, sets, and links - a rollicking Thursday evening would be nothing without them, eh? Here we go:

- Get Lamp Gets Press: We've mentioned Jason Scott's 'Get Lamp' text adventure documentary before, and now Wired News has done a story on it, noting: "In his upcoming documentary, Scott plans to add filmed interviews of the games' early developers to the collection of archival material. Interview subjects include developers of Zork and Adventure, the first interactive work to gain a following." We've heard of those! Looking forward to the final doc, whenever it's done (probably not for a little while!)

- Zoe Flower Goes Slant Six: You may remember Zoe Flower from her Electric Playground gig or Official PlayStation Magazine column. Well, we got a rather over-hopeful PR note pitched as revealing to us: "Zoe Flower, Coolest Girl in the Video Game industry", which reveals that she's working over at Vancouver developer Slant Six Games, which is cool, and another good example of the journo => developer nexus. And there's some neat info on the developer, too: "Slant Six Games is a video game development studio located in Vancouver , BC that specializes in developing games for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and PlayStation 3 (PS3) game consoles. Slant Six Games created the graphics rendering engine for Sony Computer Entertainment America’s (SCEA) massively popular Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror , and is currently developing a new PSP title for SCEA, scheduled to ship in late 2007. " Did not know that!

- Frets Of Fire Insano-Controller: We at GSW got a fun email today: "I'm the Games Ed on PC Format magazine UK. I've just made a USB guitar for the open source Guitar Hero clone Frets on Fire out of an old joystick and a toy axe." Uh, SUPER neato! Apparently: "Games Ed James Carey... took an Early Learning Centre toy guitar (you know, the ones that play annoying bleepy sounds) and ripped its guts out. He then stuck some guts from an old Logic 3 joystick into the body, did some wire magic and hey presto, insta-USB Guitar!" We can't make stuff, we can only buy stuff - we're not practical enough.

- Gearbox Tells Stories: Over at Gearbox, the Brothers In Arms writers have been talking about storytelling and games, and even making plenty of sense, talking about the lack of a shared experience: "In a lot of interactive mediums the story telling is much less effective when left up to the player. No one is ever truly in love, married, wounded, dead, blind, etc because the experience could vary so greatly from one game to the next. This is compounded by the fact that the player could choose to play through a second a time and have a completely different experience all together where different people are married, dead, or turned into fish." Or all of the above!

- Highway Stars, Lost Dawgs: Gamasutra and Lost Levels' FrankC is, to say the least, a rabid fan of awesome DS title Ouendan, and he's just uploaded a new Elite Beat Agents video to YouTube which shows (minus sound, sadly) a whole bunch of the 'lost doggie' animation and gameplay from the Deep Purple 'Highway Star' level of Elite Beat Agents, Inis' Western adaptation of its 'let's stick together' DS rhythm game - I think this was from Comic-Con? Someone also recorded a bunch of 'Walkie Talkie Man' from Steriogram, the only other level showcased at E3 and other events thus far. Wherefore a full song list? We're waaaiting!