We've covered GP2X-related material before, checking out a bunch of homebrew for Game Park's latest handheld (and one of the two follow-ups to the GP32, confusingly enough!), and now Brazilian game creation software Game Editor is helping things along with a promise to make a GP2X version of their software.

They write to us: "Due [to] users and industry requests, Game Editor developers will release a new version of Game Editor engine for the GP2X console. With this addition, Game Editor will be the only tool that generate games for a wide range of platforms including Windows, Linux, Pocket PC / Windows Mobile, Smartphones and the GP2X console."

Oh, and they also note: "The new engine will be released before the GP2X game contest deadline", citing a thread discussing the conversion. Prizes aren't bad for the GP2X competition, too, including a $5,000 first prize - hopefully we'll see some original game designs and not just clones, though!