You know what? Uwe Boll makes for some damn good stories, and's official press release revealing that it is sponsoring his showdown with critics of his video game-based movies, calling it ' Presents Raging Boll', is really, dunno, icing on cake?

The PR handily explains: "Uwe Boll, the German filmmaker best known for several video game based films like 'Alone in the Dark', 'House of the Dead', 'BloodRayne' & 'In The Name of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale', is considered by many critics to be one of the world's worst filmmakers. His movies, however, have made him more money than his critics will earn in several lifetimes."

It continues: "After receiving a slew of horrid reviews for his latest film BloodRayne earlier this year, Boll was incensed and did what any successful filmmaker would do -- challenged his detractors to a boxing match to knock some sense into them and settle the score." Challengers include "Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka from Lee's Summit, Missouri, Webmaster /CEO for Something Awful... Jeff Sneider from Los Angeles, California, Journalist for Ain't It Cool News", and a number of folks we haven't heard of.

What, no video game critics stepped up? I'm sure you guys knocked Mr. Boll as bad as the film folks and Something Awful-ites. Oh well - we're guessing Uwe may be pretty mean with a boxing glove, otherwise he wouldn't have suggested it, so watch out, Lowtax!

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