Yes, that Nintendo 64 kid. I was minding my own business in the office, when I got a call from a nice lady who asked if I knew the Nintendo 64 kid. I said I did. She say she's his aunt. Conversation from there:

N64 kid's aunt: So his video has gotten something like 2.5 million views since it went up, and his myspace gets over 70,000 hits daily, and there are tons of parodies over on YMTD...

very confused brandon: I believe it!

N64ka: So this is kind of a shot in the dark, but do you know if anyone would be interested in making a game about it?

vcb: Like...a videogame? I don't see how...

N64ka: Well if you look at those YMTD things, a lot of them use game art, and seem very game-like.

vcb: I mean, to be perfectly honest, it's just an internet fad.

N64ka: Oh, I know.

vcb: And games need to be a little more...sophisticated than that.

N64ka: Sophisticated...right.

vcb: You might be able to get someone to make a flash game about it or something, but someone would probably only want to do that for fun.

N64ka: Do you know anyone who would want to?

vcb: I can't say I do, personally. You could try Newgrounds, they do a lot of flash work over there.

N64ka: Oh, newgrounds...that's like the name of my favorite radio program in los angeles. New Grounds on KCRW.

vcb:...well alright!

And that was basically it. He's selling his N64 on ebay right now, so if you want to put up a joke bid with your shell ebay account along with the others (it's past $1,000 now), now's your chance. Apparently he's 17 and into skate videos. Or something. Also, if you're raring to go with N64 kid flash ideas, just drop a line to his aunt. If you can find her, given that I don't remember her name or number or anything. Or you can just send them to me.

If I hadn't been so taken aback, I might've asked for an interview. Or, say, been funny and interesting so that this conversation would actually have been worth typing out. Regardless, that's what happened, and it blew my mind right out of my head. Thanks for reading.

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