Wow, OK, it's Tuesday afternoon and a bunch of these links are actually left over from THE WEEKEND, which shows how busy it's been getting in the GSW/Gamasutra offices this week - but there's light at the end of the tunnel, and it comes in the form of the following posts:

- Toribash, Factory Pinball Physics: Our favorite physics blog, Fun Motion, has posted a couple of excellent new entries - on wacky humanoid-as-pinball physics game Factory Pinball, and for turn-based physics fighting game Toribash, of which it's raved: "Although newer titles are incorporating motion blending and even including layers of physics simulation, the underlying motion is still keyframe based. Toribash does away with keyframes entirely, and the results are fantastic." And it does look super-smart, too.

- Segagaga, Translated?: So, this is interesting - the 1UP blog for James Howell, who has a recently founded company providing game translation services (looks like their completed work so far is mainly translating Hideo Kojima's blog and other related Kojima Productions material), indicated that he's working on a fan translation of Sega's awesome 'Sega simulation' for DC, Segagaga. He indicates: "My translation group and I have teamed up with a really good guy who goes by SixFortyFive on the boards, and we're working on an English patch for the Japanese game. The idea is that you'd make a backup copy of your Japanese copy of Segagaga, add our patch to the backup, burn the patched backup on a CD-ROM disc, and play the English language version on your Dreamcast." Definitely a game many would like to see playable in English [Via Fort90.]

- Idolmaster Mini-game Smut: OK, we're so behind with the Indygamer blog, it's ridiculous - Tim W. is really showing how much indie content there is out there (a LOT!). But here's a random piece of oddness, a dojin Idolmaster (unofficial!) Wario Ware-esque title, of which he reveals: "There's a trial version playable through your browser, but unfortunately carries a limitation of three minigames. One requires the player to arrange cards with pictures of girls in their swimwear, in the order of the largest cup to the smallest starting with the left position." Oh dear.

- GameSpot's Curves Explored: I really wish I hadn't written that subhead as some kind of terrible segue. Anyhow, Metafuture has done insane amounts of number-crunching on GameSpots review stats, revealing: "You might notice is how certain scores tend to not be represented in the expected curve. In particular notice how no matter which console platform you look at, it seems particularly difficult to score a 7.7 or a 7.8." And other fun stuff. Obviously there's a global 7.7 conspiracy going on here.

- Iwai Iwai Iwai: Eek, did I forget to link a Toshio Iwai interview? Cubed3 has an excellent in-depth chat with the Electroplankton creator, and we don't see why we shouldn't link it. Most interestingly, discussing the decision to have no save capability (curses!), one of the reasons cited: "The first reason is that I wanted players to enjoy Electroplankton extemporarily [externally?] and viscerally, and I thought if the save function was added, the software would become more like a tool." Aw.

- GameTappity Tap Tap: We got the August GameTap newsletter, and here's a few rather non-specific highlights, alongside news that Descent 2, Descent 3, and Descent Freespace are all appearing on the service. Next week is: "Strategy First Week: Prepare to wage some epic battles and build some burgeoning empires with next week's deep, strategic suite of games." Then: 8/31 - "Ninja Week: GameTap's been infiltrated by these stealthy martial artists and they're coming after you! Karate Chop!" Then: 9/14 - "Sports Week: Golf, Soccer, Bowling, Snowboarding, Fishing, Paintball, Tennis, and did we hear someone say something about Tony Hawk?" Finally: 9/21 "Adventure Week: Get set to embark on a journey for strange new worlds and solve some brain-bending puzzles with this week's complement of adventure titles." All a bit vague, GameTap, we want GAME NAMES!