Oh my, a whole batch of fresh randomness for this fragrant Wednesday night - many of which you may not even have SEEN before. Links are crazy like that! Here we go:

- Gunpey Synth Fun? - the ever-observant Jiji notes that, if you go to the official Gunpey-R for Nintendo DS site and choose the bottom link (never mind that it's in Japanese!), you'll see a demo for 'Pico Pico Machine', where you "can create music in your own style" - it seems to be an entire extra Electroplankton-esque synth music creator built in to Q Entertainment's new puzzle remake? We LIKE!

- Splat Splat Revolution: Indygamer is still digging up the gems - witness a new post on Extermination Disco Nation, which is " a sample project by Kyle Gabler, developer of Super Tummy Bubble and Tower of Goo. Not much of a game but it does demonstrate the use of a dance pad very well. Controls are mapped to the QWEASD keys while pressing 3 skips the instructions." Yep, basically - step on things with the dance mat!

- Digidrive Test Drive: Still somewhat fascinated by the GBA Bit Generations titles, and over at Silicon Era, Spencer Yip has tried out Digidrive in some detail, explaining: "Of the intentionally-simplistic bit Generations titles, DigiDrive has been said to be the most complex, that it just has to ‘click’: suddenly, players confused by the minimalist (and all-Japanese) fold-out manual and a demo totally undemonstrative of the game’s true capabilities, who have then found terrible fortune with FAQs (this could be me)… suddenly, they just ‘get it’. So, in its dissimilarity from just about everything, DigiDrive is not for the easily-frustrated or faint-of-heart." Sound neeto.

- Spin, Mutilate, Recycle: Over at Vintage Computing, they've posted the ominous-sound 'Eric’s Look at Recycled PC Game Ideas', and it's full of hiiilarious anecdotes. Like: "In my first year of college (1992), I started dating a lovely young woman — as compassionate and non-violent a person as you could ever hope to meet. She wasn’t much of a computer geek, but… well, nobody’s perfect. One weekend we made a trip to see my parents, and my dad showed her this new game that he was hooked on: Wolfenstein 3D." It goes on to talk about the evolution of game styles, not dads playing Wolf3D, but nothing's perfect!