Man, keeping up in this herky-jerky world of linkapalooza is a hassle at times - I'm not even up to date with today's latest feeds. But hey, I've got a set of fun, random links for GSW, so by George, you get them:

- A while back, there was apparently an awesome documentary on shmups on French TV channel 'gameone' (which has been the source of some other good docs, like a Metal Slug one, if memory serves?), and it's been translated into English and hosted by IkarugaFan. Scroll down for the translation in text form - there's some really insightful Japanese guys chatting, for example: "I talked a bit with the staff that made the very first Gradius. And this is what they told me: They did a lot of tries before they fixed the design of the ship. They did at least 100 different versions. And among all of them, there was a ship that left a light trace behind him when he moves. It was from an evolution of this concept that was born the options system."

- Just found the interesting UK site Thinking Games, and it's got an interesting post on the line between games and 'non-games', which initially notes: "Even notable indie productions like ‘N’, ‘Tumiki Fighters’ or ‘Cave Story’ have easily definable genre identities. The visual styles and slight gameplay twists make them unique, but their core mechanics are far from original", before going on to suggest that it's titles that are almost not actually games which advance the game genre the most.

- We previously referenced the games from the Assembly 2006 demo-party in Finland, and now all the party productions are released, alongside the full results text - as well as the games, lots of cool graphics demos, retro bleep music, and pixelated graphics up the wazoo here.

- More hilarious and fun video - SiliconEra has posted GamePro TV Episode 3 up on YouTube, noting: "On this episode are: SWAT: S.C.A.T. - NES, Super Mario World - SNES, Bonk’s Revenge - TG16, Play Action Football - NES... Ask The Pros: StarTropics - NES... Pro Review: Mega Man IV - NES... Inside Info: Top 10 NES Video Game Rentals Feb. 1992 - Blockbuster Video, Final Fight (Ending) - SNES, Medieval History - Check your local library!... 16 Bit Hits: Joe Montana Sports Talk Football - Genesis." Wow - 1992 never looked so beautiful, huh? Here's a good informational page on the show at

- Tokyo design/art type Jean Snow has posted about The King Of Games T-shirts, which are the horrendously expensive Nintendo-licensed Japanese design tees - Jean notes: "Oh man, I am so in love with all the tees from The King of Games — a brand that creates cool remixes of Nintendo properties — and I am so getting the 20th anniversary Legend of Zelda tee!" Though it is 4800 yen, ouchie.

- Finally, though I posted my pics of ChinaJoy, I realized there are probably some MUCH better ones on Flickr - and lo and behold, this pic of a disgruntled Chinese Mario from last year's event proves it. Also notable - the best ChinaJoy-flagged pics by interest, and one particularly good gallery overall. Go browse, young padowan!