It's totally Friday, which means that it's totally the weekend. More GameSetLinks tomorrow, when there's a chance to catch up on RSS feeds, but in the meantime, here's some random randomness we ran into:

- Maddentopia On Earth: Really, there's no better thing to do that cite eToychest's report on this particular tragedy: "EA's PR agency fired off this a tasty morsel this afternoon letting us know that the little town of Madden, Mississippi – population a staggering 74 – will be celebrating “Maddenoliday” on August 22 to celebrate the release of Madden NFL 07 for the Xbox 360... Jerry Rice, Marshall Faulk and Warren Moon will be on hand to give away Xbox 360 consoles to all the residents of the village." Hurray, PR stunt!

- Locked Up: The MMO: A co-worker just pointed out the PrisonServer MMO, subtitled 'The Online Prison Game', and for which the U.S. game info explains: "Make your way from just a rookie to gang leader or boss, meet new friends and get a life while becoming stronger to gain real respect! Players unite, collaborate & fight creating their own gangs and ranks within the prison confinements. Sooner or later you'll go Player versus Player forever. You can decide when or begin your character in a forced PvP server."

- Automator-ing NBA 2K7's Soundtrack: They reprinted a little of this at GameSpot, but has a big interview with Dan The Automator which touches on his neat-sounding custom soundtrack for 2K's upcoming NBA 2k7. The full soundtrack from the Gorillaz, Deltron, and Dr. Octagon producer looks rather awesome, to say the least: "The Automator created these tracks for many of hip-hop’s finest emcees, including Fabolous, Ghostface, E-40, Mos Def, Slim Thug and even a remix of the Tribe Called Quest Classic, 'Lyrics to Go.'"

- Civilization Burns Book: Well, OK, not _burn_, as such, but Idle Thumbs reveals the following: "British newspaper The Independent is reporting that notoriously grim Fiction / Science Fiction novelist Iain Banks has missed a writing deadline for the first time because of video game addiction... Banks’ latest book which was due in time for Christmas, will be delayed until some time next year because Banks, like many before him, fell prey to the evil of Sid Meier. "It's all because I became a serial addict of the computer game 'Civilisation' [sic]” Said Banks, “I played it for three months and then realised I hadn't done any work. In the end, I had to delete all the saved files and smash the CD. It is very unprofessional of me. I had to ask for an extension for the first time, which made me feel just like I was a student again."" Damn you, Meier!