Well, time for some final Friday links of note, and these come from a variety of sources, as follows:

- Via Jamie Fristrom's GameDevBlog, a pointer to the Double Jump Studios game development blog, and information in turn on the Beta of their new game, Harmotion, which is described as follows: "Imagine a player vs. player crossover of Geometry Wars, Giga Wing, and Rez… Harmotion is particle effects heavy title with fast and frantic game mechanics of a vertical shooter. The game is driven by collaborative competition using an adaptive player generated music system as well as glorified stats, rankings, and leaderboards." XBLA, now, plz!

- Buried toward the bottom of the general misfortunes of Matt 'Fort90' Hawkins' day are some neat tips on weird games, the most notable of which is the following: "Here’s yet another thing which from Insert Credit I forgot to talk about a whiles back: check what has to the potential to be the indie game of the year, as well as a glorious return to the salad days of Mortal Kombat 3 and Tattoo Assassins… Conquering Light!!! First off, dude, check out the roster." The same people do Dark Presence, which is a prequel or a sequel or something. Anyway, insanity.

- Now that Michael Zenke is doing the MMOG Nation column for us (yaay!), we got round to bookmarking his MMOG Nation website, and found a really fun post on Beckett's new MMOG magazine on there - and yep, GSW's own Kevin 'Magweasel' Gifford is probably the other person in the country who bought a copy of the mag! In conclusion: it's awful. But we do find out about Blue Oyster Cult’s Eric Bloom playing World Of Warcraft, so there's enough 'don't fear the reaper' puns in there to last Beckett another few issues.

- Finally, here's a Kotaku-dug-up link we like a lot - info on a homebrew, blocky 3D Mario 'remake' for the Sega Saturn. As Monsieur Ashcraft notes: "Way too blocky and anatomically incorrect: Mario doesn't have a nose. Redeeming point? It reminds us of that kickin' Dire Straits music video. This mod dates from 2003, making it older than Kotaku, but not older than Crecente. Nothing is that old." Dude, we don't like to gossip, but we heard Crecente's first game playing session was against NAPOLEON. Able was I, ere I saw Elba? Nuff said!