OK, so last night's GameSetLinks was just a little bit mammoth, and we're also being deluged by entries for the Dead Rising competition, unsurprisingly (you sick, zombie-loving freaks!), so let's try to kick back with a slightly more relaxed edition for a Thursday evening:

- Casual site GameZebo (which is good, and doesn't seem to get much love, sadly) has a neat interview with Arthur Humphrey of Last Day Of Work Software, explaining: "If there is a "Cinderella" story in casual games, it would be Last Day of Work ("LDW"). Starting with handheld games, LDW have launched not one, but two PC casual game hits, Fish Tycoon and Virtual Villagers, in the past year. And no one can accuse LDW of creating clones. Fish Tycoon and Virtual Villagers are both based on LDW's proprietary real-time game environment, so the game plays even when you are not there." V. cool, and a fun read.

- We've got the ever-tall Eric-Jon Waugh covering the big Perplex City event in San Francisco for Gamasutra this weekend, in what must be the climax to the CCG-funded ARG title thus far, but in the meantime, sniffing around eBay for trading cards (don't ask!), we noticed a rare Perplex City card going for a large wad of cash - that's right, the "Special Edition Perplex City #P01 A Call From the Past" is at $190 right now with 14 hours to go, wow. Read the Wikipedia entry for Perplex City if you're confused - cos it's pretty mystifying at times.

- Virtual world Second Life has announced it is closing down many of its forums, explaining: "When Second Life first opened we at Linden believed that it was important to support a web-based, asynchronous community, and so the SL forums were born... However, they require significant maintenance and we have been working on developing other communication channels that will be as useful, informative and conversational (more on that below). In addition, Resident-run blogs and forums have mushroomed, offering a wealth of discussion choices." Wait, I feel a Mary J. Blige reference coming more drama?

- Yay, TIGSource, yay, posted another great link, yay, discussing ' Somewhere Beyond Cassette 50', which is a website collecting the worst games on the internet. Derek Yu notes: "The site actually brings up the question “what makes a game good or bad?” Because some of the games featured, like Pillar Killer (a game where you kill pillars), are more amusing than a lot of legitimate shareware titles out there. And free, to boot! So I guess, like for movies, there is a point where games become so bad they are good." Is Pillar Killer a sequel to Driller Killer?