So, I finally managed to catch up with my gigantic Bloglines backlog last night, and thus - a whole load of new gaming links for you - actually, coming in two parts, since there are so many of them. Here's the first set:

- There's a well-written new Wired Magazine feature on digital console game downloads by the excellent 'Masters Of Doom' author David Kushner (whose book 'Jonny Magic and the Card Shark Kids' is all kinds of excellent, and out in paperback this month, btw!). The Wired piece notes: "Game companies earned $143 million from online console gaming in 2005, a figure JupiterResearch predicts will grow to $2 billion domestically by 2011." A fun read! [I actually contributed an (ultimately cut for space reasons!) sidebar to the article which listed the main digital download sources for games. If I can dig it out, I'll post it, but it was pretty standard stuff for GSW readers.]

- I was bitching a little phlegmatically to Chris Remo at Shacknews about why he and I were apparently the only people to actually listen to the Electronic Arts conference call after yesterday's results, and he revealed that he bothered to listen to the shareholder meeting audio, too! Apparently, it was worth it, since he let me pass along the following gems: "One shareholder asked whether, now that EA has acquired World of Warcraft, they have any plans to move into the fantasy, RPG, or MMORPG genres. Another noted that the demo reel they played was about 20 decibels too loud, and he is concerned that EA games may cause ear damage. Larry Probst replied that televisions have volume controls." Nice!

- Former Game Developer magazine editor Alex 'Crazy Hair!' Handy has followed the nice folks at 4orty 2wo Entertainment for some time, even writing a great cover story for the East Bay Express about them, so he was the person to first turn us on to EDOC Laundry, the ARG-based clothing line co-created by ilovebees type Elan Lee. is still covering the clothes mystery, revealing: "The scripting of the Season 1 videos remains archaic and contradictory, while continuing to impress -- with the heaviest printing block imaginable -- the overarching theme of the American Revolution in nearly every other sentence." Lots of pleasant oddness going on here, then!

- Aeropause has dug out some great game 'folk art', noting: "Joe Beuckman, a Physics student in Southern Illinois has managed to creatively marry Commodore 64 game elements with Beadwork to create some pretty cool and colourful bracelets and imagery. Remember Summer Games and Hardball for the C64? Of course you don't. Joe has taken the background audience graphics from the game Hardball and made them into a bracelet. In addition to that he's also made an art piece representing the pole vaulting aspect of Summer Games." Most pleasing.

- I think we're a bit late on this one, since some people have already called Eidos about it, but VH1 Game Break points out mobile game 'Lava Kroft', which is "about a new age woman who has an exceptional thirst for discovering some of the most intriguing and mystical treasures in the world." On the other hand, "In ‘Lava Kroft,’ mobile gamers can experience the excitement by sealing the volcano traps as quickly as possible to survive", so it looks like a version of that Wario Ware mini-game (which is, in itself, about as old as Game & Watch), but hey - horrific Lara puns make us happy!