Well, there's a wonderful amount of game-related randomness in the world today. And I'm currently kicking back and watching Mega64 Version 2, which is basically the best video game skit show evah, and has a fun animated intro sequence from former GSW cartoonist Shmorky, to boot! Anyway, on with the liinks, hey?

- They weren't really getting much traction, but GamesRadar are starting to run some fun-ish features, starting with a look back at E3, year by year: "To celebrate the relatively short - but always raucously enjoyable - lifespan of the show, we look back and remember why, for one week every year, gaming was directly in the spotlight of the world's media and E3 was one of the most exciting places to be on the entire planet." It's like a VH1 show! Lists! Stuff!

- Talking of goodbyes, the ever-irascible Greg Costikyan has a barbed au revoir to CGW, which includes the claim: "What I do blame Ziff for, however, is the sequel: essentially, they turned CGW into an inferior imitation of PC Games, with a lickspittle attitude toward the publishers, a desperate and ill-fated attempt to be fanboy hip, and a tolerance of sheer bad writing." If Greg ever offered any paintings for sale, they'd probably have just the one stroke!

- Dude, The New Gamer! Dude, the latest Drunksailing garage sale archives, in which they have a LESSON: "We try to only buy what we need, or at least really really want. As a result, if there's an item we're hemming about we're much more likely to not buy it instead of wasting money, energy and space by picking it up. Regardless, even I realize that a $20 Xbox, even one sans-cabling, really should have been purchased." All consoles must be consumed?

- Another 'Dude!'-worthy site, Fun-Motion, has posted a review of Assembly '06-released game Bloboats, in which: "Bloboats is a boat racing game in which the objective is to reach the goal as fast as possible, at least faster than your friend does." The FM guys note: "Despite these simple mechanics, I found Bloboats a lot of fun to play. The mechanic had a nice toy feeling to it, and was decently controllable."

- 1UP still do _our kinda features_, and one of those is named '8-Bit Lit', and discusses when "Scholastic Books released the Worlds of Power series -- books based on popular third-party Nintendo Entertainment System games". In fact: "F.X. Nine is the pen name of Seth Godin, the best-selling author of Free Prize Inside and Purple Cow, and the founder of Yoyodyne, an Internet-based direct marketing company" - and he talks about it here!

- GameDaily's Chris Buffa got a bit of a beating regarding his game journalism articles, and fortunately, he has the self-described 'Final Word', so we don't have to worry about anyone ever talking about it again. Except us. Anyhow: "For whatever reason, some journalists think that I'm specifically talking about them, and in response to this they've lashed out and called me all sorts of names. Perhaps they're insecure, or maybe...just maybe, they realize that they're no good." Wow. Also, in the comments, he notes very happily: "Things will be looking up tho, particularly for us." We heard that GameDaily's new office is built completely out of reconstituted CDs, so that must be it!

- Silicon Era has some very nice commentary on visits to a couple of Tokyo stores selling arcade boards, Mak Japan and G-Front. I've been to Mak, and it's kinda fun, if _incredibly_ gamecollectorkwak, as the poster notes: "if I was asked to give a reason for all the time I’ve spent in these joints, despite the fact I can hardly afford to buy anything, this is what I’d say: There’s just something endlessly fascinating about a store that sells games which you were not meant to own."

- We actually got a link to a petition about this sent to us at Gamasutra, but it should be noted: PopCap is closing down its multiplayer legacy games, reveals Aggro Me, and some people are a bit upset: "Psychobabble is not nearly as well known a game as Bejeweled. But it's crazy fun. You join a room of 8-12 people. When a round begins, you are presented with a bunch of different words, loosely connected in meaning to the theme of the round. It looks kind of like those magnetic poetry fridge magnets that were popular for a while. You pick words and attempt to make an entertaining sentence from them." There are some alternatives online, mind you, but community, etc.

- Bunch Of Nerds has gone super-nerdy on the forthcoming Dreamcast watch, and it's passed on: "Coming September 2006 will be this lovely diecast Sega Dreamcast branded watch, featuring the shape of the console which pops open to reveal an analog timepiece. The item will no doubt be extremely limited edition and much cheaper in the Asian market. Those who can afford such trinkets can place a pre-order over at importers Play-Asia for a limited time and $130us plus shipping."