OK, apologies for the delay, but the GameSetCompetition winners for our Dead Rising contest are finally upon us, and gorging happily on the flesh of the living, while stopping occasionally to boot up their X360 and stare at the lovely graphics.

So the first 3 winners, who will get both Capcom's Xbox 360-exclusive Dead Rising and a Dead Rising T-shirt, are:

Paul Palmer, John Guerrero, Tim Hunter (not the Books Of Magic one!)

The next 2 winners, who will just get the game, and will have to find their own clothing, are:

Alex Brock, Henry Kropf

As for the answer to the question, for anyone who didn't get it right or have a clue, it was as follows:

Q: "In the zombie-docious movie 'Shaun Of The Dead', which Prince album _is_ considered of sufficiently bad quality to be thrown at the heads of the rapidly approaching undead?"
A: The Batman soundtrack

There we go - more exciting GameSetCompetitions, hopefully again for something you will care about winning, coming soon! Watch the bat-phone!