Yes, 1UP are the kind of dorks who will celebrate the opening of Samuel L. Jackson's maaaahvellous Snakes On A Plane with a feature called 'Games On A Plane!', explained thus: "The portable revolution is well underway, making these perfect games... on a plane! Until Homeland Security gets all hysterical and outlaws electronic devices, anyway."

The plane playing shenanigans are split into 'Regional Flights', which names games such as Capcom Classics Remixed ("Short flights are made for short games, and when it comes to instant gratification it's hard to top the classic arcade"), all the way up to 'Flying Overseas', which marvellously names Card Fighters Clash for NGPC ("Dust off that forgotten Neo Geo Pocket Color -- Card Fighter's Clash is still one of the best and brightest card games ever created.")

And actually, probably the best thing are the witty faux-safety tips running at the bottom of each page, starting out with 'Passengers in coach class should not play Warioware Twisted', and going downhill hilariously from there. More dumb features, plz! (Elsewhere in scary Snakes-related fun, the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin has the 24-hour 'Snakes On A Day', which is the movie played over and over from midnight to midnight. Jeez.)