Even though they're technically some kind of competitor (or bits of them are!), we're still naturally fans of Future's UK print pub Edge magazine, and it sounds like they've managed to set up a new subscription deal of interest to American readers.

They explain: "For those looking to subscribe from the USA, we're announcing a new service allowing you to pay direct in dollars. This link will take you through to our new partnership with International Media Services, allowing you to buy a one-year, two-year, or quarterly subscription."

It turns out to be $75 for a year, and a little less for two years - quite a lot cheaper than previously: "Representing a 28% saving on the cover price, and delivered direct to your door, the deal also includes a free gift of your choice from one of three limited edition Edge T-shirts."

Of course, this is still at least twice as much as the most expensive U.S mag subscriptions, even Official PS2 and Xbox Magazines with the disc (and don't forget to use eBay for the non-disc U.S. subscriptions for even cheaper prices!) but you pays your money, you takes your choice, eh?