Just checked out the official website of 'Edge Bomber', which is "an interactive installation / a 'Pervasive Game'" created by a group of German developers that seems particularly good fun.

It's explained: "The player uses tape, stickers and scissors to create his own playground on a wall; the system grabs the scenery and creates a virtual level for our jump-n-run video game based on our game-engine "Z100". The grabbed playground is extended with items and enemies and is projected back to the original scenery. Thus a mixed media / augmented reality level is created, where our hero "ozkar" has to resist the attacks of hubert and the evil flying sausage."

There's a very neat video which shows the concept in action - somewhat like a Kirby/Yoshi-like DS title with regard to drawing on the screen, only using tape in real life!

Also, creator Susigames has an English-language projects page which reveals another recent subject, a Symbian game called, in SPECTACULARLY unfortunate fashion, '5 Glory Holes'. It's nothing to do with that - "you have to smack down as many opponents as possible for every single level" in a Whac-A-Mole stylee. Stop giggling at the back!