Delighted to note that The New Gamer folks are back with their latest round of 'Chi-Style Drunksaling, trawling Chicago's garage sales for the best in gaming goodness - only this time, they're cheating, 'cos a garagesaling friend of their is leaving town, and bequeathing his best stuff to them.

They explain that the aforementioned Dave "... was trawling the local thrift stores for finds years before unitdaisy and I even me", and that: "We had agreed to help him move what he wasn't taking with him to his storage unit and, in turn, he was off-loading much of what he no longer wanted to us." Sounds like a good deal to us!

Choice parts of the swag includes "An early Sears-published Pong set", as well as the best prize of all, "a huge binder stuffed full of computer game manuals and documentation. While it mostly includes Atari 400 game documentation, there are a number of other interesting game manuals and literature" - as they note, including the docs for Chris Crawford's Scram, "based around a scram, or emergency shutdown of a nuclear reactor."