On the Internet, the ever-dangerous SomethingAwful is a verdant source of netculture, often game-related (such as their support of the Mega64 folks, for one), so their latest 'Flash Tub' from former GSW-cartoonist Shmorky, a game named 'The Stupid Room', is the latest shenanigan to debut.

'The Stupid Room' is a 'Choose Your Own Adventure'-style game with highly ironic voiceover and scary text/graphics adventure type occurrences, and now FrankC recommended it to us, we also noticed that TIGSource linked to it a coupla days back.

They claim that it's a "...kinda-fun adventure game that features some not-too-annoying voiceovers and some decent video game references. Two very mediocre thumbs sideways!" Well, video game humor being on the tricky side, we liked it a bit more than that - apparently there are a whole bunch of endings and even overcomplicated secrets enclosed, huzzah. So go poke around, now.