You may have spotted some new columns popping up at GameSetWatch, after my recent call for columnists, so I though I'd just thank the new guys - and indeed, all our other columnists for laboring hard to give you their own perspectives.

- Firstly, thanks to Michael 'Zonk' Zenke, who you may know from being my successor as editor of Slashdot Games, for volunteering to extend his own blog into a bi-weekly column on the state of MMOs - MMOG Nation. I already know much more about elves than I ever thought possible, and we've only run one column so far!

- Also, we're very excited about John Harris' @ Play, which is absolutely the only regular column on the Internet about Rogue-like games. So far, we've had some pretty intense conversation about how "all orange potions will be the same type, and the same goes for all cloudy ones, for milky ones, and even plaid ones", and that's clearly just the start of the hilarity.

- And yes, even though some of you may doubt his credentials, we'll be seeing more news _and_ reviews from the 'Berkley's BUZZ' column, even after the veteran journalist's epic scoop regarding AO content on the Nintendo Wii was derided by some Nintendo fans who, quite frankly, should know better. We hear he's going to be reviewing a classic video game next, and the BUZZ is that it's going to be rather spectacular - we can't wait!

- There's been a few other items that have been shuffled around - we're moving 'The Gaijin Restoration' on to the 'irregular' list, since column creator Ryans has been plenty busy working on 'cool stuff' for G4 recently, and there will be at least one more columnist starting in the next few days. Oh, and before we forget, MANY thanks to GameSetInterview supremo AlistairW for his excellent work recently - it's not a column, as such, but his interviews do rawk insanely.

[Incidentally, many of our columnists subsist on a diet that consists almost entirely of your praise and goodwill, as well as some oversized T-shirts from us, since GSW is more of a weirdo alt.gaming blog than the NEXT BIG INTERNET THING - we're never really going to make much money running columns about Rogue-likes, are we? So make sure you give 'em some nice feedback.]