A couple of neat China-related things I'm gonna smoosh into one post, so there. Firstly, sister site Gamasutra recently debuted a new column named 'The China Angle', which is written by the excellent Shang Koo from Pacific Epoch, and is probably the finest English-language column on the Chinese game market (in a rather small field, but nonetheless!)

Anyhow, the second column is up, and is fascinating because it deals with Chinese MMO companies making money via the third Valentine's Day this year (!) in China: "Activities for this week include special Valentine's Day quests, virtual roses and presents, and in-game weddings... Virtual weddings are cash cows for online game companies. The wedding itself can take several hours, making it the perfect activity for China's predominantly pay by the hour online game industry. Many companies also charge for virtual wedding dresses and flowers." Wow.

Though this would probably make more sense as a Gamasutra follow-up, there's nowhere sensible to put it - so on GSW it will go! After our recent article on IGE, who are China-sourcing item/gold traders of some repute, the owner of has chimed in on his website's relation to IGE, given that as item-sellers, IGE are reviled by a lot of his readership:

"Maybe it is just semantics, but I don't consider us owned by IGE. The initial sale of the company was done through IGE, but it was done as part of a larger deal that included a large influx of cash from a group of prominant institutional investors, which was meant to form a new, larger and more diverse corporation with zam as one of several divisions... The sale took place 6 months ago and I can say uncategorically that not one time has anyone dictated to me what to do with the new network. I have had 100% autonomy in every decision regarding" Interesting!