OK, this is a little tardy, but I certainly had a bunch of amusingly random pictures left over from last week's ChinaJoy visit, so figured it was time to unleash the remainder of my holiday snaps on you unsuspecting GSW folks.

So, here goes with a startling array of photographic evidence:

The scene outside the Shanghai convention center early on the relatively quiet first day - it got a LOT busier from here.

There's not a game convention left in North America where booth 'spokesmodels' are appropriate, esp now E3 is 'intimate' - but the Shanda booth at ChinaJoy is happy to make up for it.

Yes, this is EA's tactic to success in China - watermelons in unitards and posin' applehead weirdo types. $$$!

Konami's booth had new arcade machines like Cooper's 9, as well as this oddity, Wartran Troopers, a multi-screen lightgun mech shooter I hadn't seen before.

This monkey suit not only had a disturbingly bare-ass look, but a bizarre furry protuberence in the front of the suit too (not pictured, thank God!) I'm presuming this is all culturally explainable away, hopefully?