Over at super-smart casual game blog Jay is Games, they've got the games from their first Flash puzzle game design competition up - and there's all sorts of fun stuff.

As for the first set of entries, there's some pretty neat stuff in there - Wulfo raves: "Wow, every single one of those games was unbelievably brilliant. I assumed that they were all going to be simple Bejeweled rip-offs or something like that, but every single was highly original and enjoyable. Sigil of Binding was really enjoyable and I was really surprised that a (brilliant) new edition of Submachine was submitted."

The second batch of entries also has plenty of highlights, with Erico Monteiro providing a neat summing-up of these games in the comments: "All puzzles are neat.. I particularly enjoy those with sound puzzles, but the best here I guess is GATEWAY, nice set of puzzles, excellent atmosphere that somehow reminds me of GROW."