Over at the Indie Gamer forums, there's a fun post showcasing Boom! Boom! Driller!, whose official site reveals that it's yet another of the wacky Scandinavian games showcased in the Assembly '06 game competition.

The author, Sol_HSA, explains of the title: "The game is a 2d explosive drill-mining game in the feel of lemmings or worms. Kind of... As an additional twist, I decided to add a indie music soundtrack, and managed to sign on four bands, making this game (as far as I know anyway) the world's first freely distributable game with licensed music, and also such a game with the best soundtrack ever :)"

Commenter 'whisperstorm' seems to like it, noting: "This reminds me of that hell of sand java game. The music rocks and the gameplay is great! You should make a sequel with more kinds of traps, explosions, etc." Also, we want a puppy! But the game is indeed pretty neat, as far as we can tell - go check it?