Here's an interesting and random email we got about the Binary Picture Show machinima videocast, and we shall reprint it while pointing at it.

It's explained: "'Gaming News with Lady Mainframe' – the unique weekly online news show is finally back with a second series after a huge overhaul to its appearance as well as its format. 'Lady Mainframe', the show's virtual presenter, has received a much needed graphical renovatation, and now presents weekly games sales charts, as well as the latest word in games and technology."

The site has full download links, and notes: "To open the new series we have an eight minute show highlighting a few noisemakers from the Leipzig GC, and the usual rundown of other cool news events of the week, including 'Resevoir Dogs', 'Marvel Ultimate Alliance', 'Hospital Tycoon', 'Just Cause', and more. Of course the biggest change is in Lady Mainframe herself who's had a bit of an identity change." Someone needs to YouTube this for easier watching, we think - but it's not unpromising?