You know, it's on obscuro fansites that some of the most incendiary writing about games really happens - such as The Dreamcast Junkyard, which presents a list of ' Common Themes in Dreamcast-Land' which rounds up all the important Dreamcast game memes.

The best example (also because this is where we are typing from right now!) is San Francisco, described in Dreamcast form thusly: "Ah yes, the city with all those steep roads and palm trees. Firstly, we have the superb Crazy Taxi. Super Runabout, a game that plays very much like Crazy Taxi (only with more modes of transport and lousy controls) is also set there. San Francisco Rush 2049 is set in a futuristic (and somewhat void of human life) version of the place, but is still San fran none the less, and then there’s the first level in Sonic Adventure 2, which was also directly inspired by the city."

There are also _EXACTLY 7_ Dreamcast games with fish in them, and elsewhere, uhm, Michael Jackson makes an appearance ("On the Dreamcast... [Jackson] has popped up a few times in very unexpected places. He first popped up out of nowhere near the end of Space Channel 5, in which you save him from aliens so he can join your posse. In Space Channel 5: Part 2, he is part of your team from the very beginning, and has more of his trademark moves. He also begged Midway to add him to the line up of Ready to Rumble: Round 2, although I can’t really imagine him being all too tough in a real fight, to be honest.") Scaaary.