Thought this was, to say the least, interesting - book publisher Addison-Wesley Professional has announced a book named 'Exploiting Online Games: How to Break Multi-User Computer Games' - well, OK, that's the link to the pre-release 'condensed' version PDF, but the book itself will debut in 2007.

So, what's it all about? "Written by two of the security industry’s premiere authorities, Greg Hoglund, founder of, and Dr. Gary McGraw, CTO Cigital, Inc., Cheating Online Games sheds light onto the multi-billion dollar, high stakes online gaming industry, and explores ethical issues surrounding piracy, cheating, and corporate measures to stop both."

Apparently: "Readers learn how a program designed for one game, World of Warcraft, keeps watch of your game-play by scanning your computer for open processes and mails the information it collects back to its creator, Blizzard Entertainment. The authors demonstrate how to run a program named “The Governor” to keep watch of the watchers and know exactly what Blizzard Entertainment is doing on your computer."

So it's not clear to me, since I've seen the preview PDF and it mainly deals with finding out what World Of Warcraft is doing to your machine - by the title of this book, will the final version advocate actually 'breaking' MMOs, by creating exploits to cheat in various ways? If so, isn't that rather... unnecessary? Why would a book publisher advocate cheating or breaking multi-user games when it affects other users, too? Or is this all ethically justified because Blizzard is spying on us? Answers on a postcard, please!