So, the ever-shmuppy Postman, whom you may know from Shoot The Core, has co-founded a new blog called A Day In The Life Of Video Games with a co-worker.

He explains of it: "Myself and my friend work in a small mom+pop type game store, and lots of crazy/funny stuff happens almost daily. I told him we should blog about it, he started the project so naturally I joined in." Yay - now, mind you, none of this is explicitly hilarious, but it does give a good insight into the kind of issues the average video game store runs into.

They're well illustrated in the 'Don't hustle a hustler' post, which shows a fun little scam in action: "There's a demo PS2 running in the store, and at the time we had Need For Speed Underground playing. A guy comes in with a NFSU box, and says the disc is missing (this is a variation of scam #1). He says it must be the one in the demo [console], and we forgot to give it to him. So I check the receipt first, and it lists a NFS game... [but] it's not the Underground one listed, it's Hot Pursuit or something. DING, my scammer sense is tingling. "Check the demo [console], man, just give me the disc from there, you guys must have forgot...."

The coup de grace? "Lemme tell you the feeling I had next was close to an orgazism when I got to tell the guy "THE PS2 DEMO SET HAS A HARD DRIVE AND THE GAMES RUN FROM THAT!" This guy just got PWNED! and just walked out of the store." PWNED, I tell joo!