Matthew over at Fun Motion has posted about a new physics game by Rag Doll Software called Rocky the Monkey.

rocky-the-monkey-1.jpgMuch like the physics-engine bubble baubles that had you dragging a scantily clad woman (or in one variant, George W. Bush) through a field of randomly generated orbs, Rocky the Monkey has you put in charge of the spunky, stick-figure monkey armed with a pixelated grappling hook.

The objective, instead of falling lazily through bubbles with realtime ragdoll physics, is to make your way up them, climbing as high as you can while a vicious tide of water rises beneath you. Collect bananas to fill your "banana bar" (a timer) and keep going up. That's it. It never ends, and it never gets old. Expect some finger cramps, however. The games WASD controls coupled with mouse clicks will have your hands working overtime to keep Rocky afloat.

I love that little monkey.