Edge Online has been reprinting articles from the latest August 2006 issue of Edge Magazine once again, and the piece on the making of obscure BBC Micro text adventure Twin Kingdom Valley.

The game (which has a good Wikipedia entry) sounds pretty, well, spaced-out: "Twin Kingdom Valley gave you room to wander and wonder. Hall not only provided space to explore – and with 175 locations, increased to 190 for the C64 version, there was much to see – he actively encouraged you to roam and revisit. The inspirational moment when you drink from the magical waters and the ‘secret of concealed doors’ is revealed to you, the first time you stumble upon a gorilla, or when you naïvely put a lit lamp in your holdall and watch in horror as it’s engulfed in flame… the valley is full of surprises."

A commenter also points out that there's an official domain for the game, dedicated to "an extended version of this classic text & graphics adventure game for your mobile phone & pda" - everything old is new again!