We've covered Xbox 360 achievement-related site Achieve360Points a few times in recent weeks, and now they were nice enough to mail us to explain a new feature they just added.

They explain: "Our team wanted to let you know about our new feature over here: Achievement Difficulty Ratings. It basically just lets you know how difficult it is to attain the achievements in any game. You can check out the feature on any of our game pages." Notably, as you'll see: "There were three games that ranked in the "Near Impossible" status:" Ridge Racer 6, Bejeweled 2, and Smash TV.

We certainly agree with regard to Ridge Racer 6 - presumably set up by the hardcorest of the hardcore Namco Japan coders behind the game. We've played the title a whole bunch and we're still under 100 points out of 1000 for it - the full achievement listing has a few fiendishly hard achievements, including: "No Crash Victory: Single Races - Congratulations! You've won by showing your quick yet beautiful driving techniques", and "No-Nitrous Victory: Single Races - Congratulations! You've won by not using the fully charged nitrous" - yikes!

[Oh, also, a good tip for Ridger Racer 6 - some people don't realize that if you turn on nitrous help (fully charged nitrous to start the level) for races, they don't count toward proper completion and Achievement Points - so watch out for that!]