Las Vegas is, of course, a popular holiday destination, as well as the location for the next Rainbow Six title, much to the chagrin of the Mayor, and we've heard that many people enjoy gambling there - some of them even video game fans!

So it was only natural that the GS2 next-generation wireless handheld gaming unit, part of the hopefully soon-to-be Nevada State-ratified WiFiCasino system. Apparently: "The GS2 model introduced today features a 6-inch screen and is the largest GS2 model, while other models feature 4-inch and 3-inch screens. The design of all GS2 models include a portion of Diamond I's patent-pending biometric security technology, specifically its finger-print security technology." Totally Mission Impossible.

Probably the most interesting part of the release, which is light on what the system actually _looks_ like (picture to the left is a MobileMag mock-up), is the mention of "the passage of Nevada Law AB471, which authorizes the use of mobile communication devices for gaming in public areas in Nevada casinos". So you won't even need to sit down at a slot machine or a bar, soon - you can just wander around idly gambling!

"Our GS2 is sleek and offers a great way to play Texas Hold 'em or video slots," said David Loflin, Diamond I's president and CEO. "The GS2 represents the future of gaming and will appeal to the video-game generation, the generation coming of age in the casinos," Mr. Loflin added. [Looks like this same company hit the news last year too, btw, though this is a new announcement.]