It's a story that won't go away, and after the last response to the Chuck Klosterman article on game journalism in Esquire, Clive Thompson over at Wired News has also weighed in.

Thompson has more than one good answer, here, firstly: "Why isn't there a Lester Bangs of video games? Answer A: Because even if he existed, nobody would hire him. Brilliant critics don't just sort of "emerge." They're nurtured and hired by editors who care about the medium. Today's mainstream editors mostly neither play games nor think about them much."

Secondly, and even better: "Answer B: Actually, there are Lester Bangs of video-game writing. Tons of 'em, in fact! But they're not writing in mainstream media venues. They're blogging their witty analyses on, or doing exuberant podcasts and video blogs, or flamewarring their way to the truth on rollicking discussion boards. Or they're like the geniuses (genuii?) behind Penny Arcade, crafting insanely funny webcomix that communicate more in three panels than most critics can do in 1,000 words." Hear, hear!