Well, OK, most of the world doesn't agree, with a terrible average rating of 33% over at review aggregation site GameTab, but blogger SuperTy has other ideas entirely about Capcom title Final Fight Streetwise, explaining: "Streetwise is the best game so far in 2006, and I'll show you why."

The over-caffeinated Ty concludes of the PS2/Xbox title, which was the last production of Capcom's U.S. in-house developer Studio 8 (Maximo) before it got shut down: "The decoded versions of the game reviews and I agree; Streetwise has great gameplay, or at least pretty good gameplay. We're also in agreement that either the game reviewers are too retarded to know where the enemies are or that they don't know how to use a camera to see them."

He continues: "The storyline is dramatic and hilarious, especially if you remember who Two-P is at ALL (the goofy looking enemy with the orange cape). If you like video games, I mean, like, good, old fashioned video games, and maybe yelling "OH! MY CAR", then forget what you know about preconceptions... because everything you know is a goddamn lie."

An earlier Superty post on the same subject links to some great YouTube vids showcasing the 'genius' that is the game, with the takedown of underworld figure 'The Weasel', dodgy sexual content and hilarious pathfinding in full effects. Also showcased by the same author is the classic cockroach challenge, in which you have to clean up a diner by, uhm, stamping on insects. That'll fix the code violations!