The ever-crazy 3DO Multiplayer Blog has what must be a world-first English language review - for Warp's bizarre 3DO title Rush and Fire Megadas, a particularly obscure title from Kenji Eno's mystery machine.

Blogger 3DOKid comments: "Say 'Warp' to any 3DO fan and they immediately wax-lyrical about D's Diner or perhaps mention the much delayed D2 for the 3DO M2 that never materialised and that the Dreamcast version that did materialise was nothing like the version destined for the M2. Us 3DO fans being real wows at diner parties. Not unsurprisingly, we 3DO fans don't mention Megadas. You're dying to know why I guess - or perhaps not, but here goes."

He explains: "The premise is that it is a Warp TV channel. You get a News channel, Weather, Shopping, Movie, Educational, Adult and the game channel - Megadas. They are all pretty sorry." The most 'interesting'? "The final game is called "Oda Nobonaga over sleeps". The objective being to wake this major daimyo of the Sengoku period of Japanese history by slapping away at the 'A' button and eventually waking him up. Once he's awake you get rated." OK, I think we see why this is obscure, now.