We heart 'I'm OK' artist Derek Yu (hey, here's a full video walkthrough on Google Video!) - so much so that we got him to do the Pac-Man themed cover for Game Developer a few months back.

Anyhow, he's been doodling on his personal site again, and has come up with the best Zidane-related video game parody we've seen (and yes, the game-related vids based on the event are 'hilarious' too) - captioned 'Zonk's Revenge', it's either a Zidane-renamed Bonk or actually Air Zonk in the picture, though we're probably being stupid in not working out which.

Oh, also in the doodles - 'Paul Giamatti is Cao Cao in a Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Movie' - uhh, can anyone say totally awesome? We also want a Puppy Chaser T-shirt, but maybe that's just us.